Bark Park : Bark, Pee, Poop, Capture Territory (Funny multiplayer dog game – iphone gameplay)

bark park iphone

Bark Park is a hilariously original and fiercely competitive action strategy game. Oh and it’s MULTIPLAYER! Players can battle it out against other canines over the internet or set up custom matches with friends.
You know how dogs tinkle on trees to capture territory? Well, now you can do that too! You’re welcome.
Drink from the fountain, fill up your water meter and then tinkle on the trees to win points. Don’t forget to protect your trees and distract rivals with the awesome POWER UPS!
Use your prize money to unlock a ton of new dogs, costumes, accessories and game worlds.

Real-time Multiplayer.
Hilarious concept.
Beautiful but simple graphics and UI.
Hugely Customisable playable characters.
Masses of content to explore and unlock.
Fully optimised for iOS13 and iPhone 11

From the indie studio that brought you Maximum car, 8-Bit Waterslide and Fast Food Rampage !

bark park multiplayer dog game ios
Bark Park : Choose and customise your “dog”