The Walking Dead No Man’s Land : 100 Equipment Missions – The Result

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

100 Equipment Missions : The Result


You want to get a new legendary gear for your survivor and you ask yourself if the equipment missions are the right choice ? After 100 missions, i have the answer for you !


I love The Walking Dead No Man’s Land but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to improve the weapons and armors of your survivors.
You would think the equipment missions would be a right choice to get some legendary gears, but it’s not quite sure.
Because i wanted to know if it was worth it, i completed 100 equipment missions and save all the results in detail.
I have opened 360 chests, 56 were silver chest, and 28 were gold chest. Unfortunately the legendary gears were extremely rare and not at the level of my actual survivors. In fact, i had 2 level 19 legendary items and all my survivors were already at lv.20.
In the video below, you can now know exactly what chance you have to get each type of chest rewards during the equipment missions.

The conclusion, of course, is that all the 100 missions were useless. If you want to get some good gear for your survivors in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, you better spend time doing some raids, earn TG, and buy the 12.5K legendary gears actually in the TG shop.

Enjoy the video !


The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – 100 Missions : The Result


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