The Art of Destruction


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The Art of Destruction


The Art of Destruction defines the “Block and Shot” style of game. Simple and elegant, the goal is simply to strike the Royal Seal with a matching Royal Shot (ball).

Elegant, simple, and HERE – The Art of Destruction is a new iOS physics-based puzzler that defines the new “Block and Shot” style of gameplay. Captured in a beautiful ancient temple-inspired setting, the first 12 chapters are available for immediate play, while an additional 26 lay hidden for the finding.


the art of detruction



– One touch play, easy for everyone
– Engaging physics-based puzzler

– Authentic “Block and Shot” style gameplay
– Fully realized 3D puzzle environments
– Beautifully immersive music and FX

– 12 Chapters with 5 Lessons each offers 60 unlocked puzzles to start
– 24 Chapters with 5 Lessons each offers 120 puzzles to find and unlock
– All 180 puzzles hand-crafted, carefully reflecting the theme of the game

– 3 difficulty levels (Casual, Normal, Master)
– NO Advertisements, NO In-App Purchasing required
– GameCenter Achievements
– iCloud synching

– Available in 16 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish)


the art of destructionStrategy and focus join puzzling challenges to create a fantastic new experience





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