Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron


Snailboy Rise of Hermitroniphone / ipad game review

Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron


In his first Adventure, Snailboy stole the hearts of gamers all over the world.  Now he’s back, and oh boy is he ready to slime up your life once again. With many more features, challenges and 10x larger environments, Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron has stepped it up a notch.

This time the awesomeness is set in the depths of the ocean, where an evil hermit crab known as Hermitron is viciously taking over the underwater kingdom. Snailboy, the shell obsessed slugger, must help his new found sea friends reclaim their kingdom and to restore the Guardian Shell Statue to bring peace and harmony.
So shell-up slime lovers. This snail is ready to Sling, Stick, Swim and hop his way through the next magical instalment of Snailboy, Rise of Hermitron!


Snailboy Rise of Hermitron



  • Explore and play the first 5 levels absolutely FREE.
  • Experience an exciting mix of ACTION and EXPLORATION.
  • SLING, STICK, SWIM and HOP through 25 LEVELS.
  • COLLECT Slimeys to power up your Super Abilities.
  • Use awesome POWER UPS to defeat evil Minions.
  • FIND secret caves with hidden treasures.
  • EARN Achievement badges for every level.
  • DEFEAT the BOSS LEVEL and save the Kingdom.
  • Set off on an incredible adventure with AMAZING VISUALS.



Thoopid is an indie start up from Cape Town. Their first game, Snailboy: An epic Adventure, was released back in 2013, not only did it get 500k+ downloads and was featured by Apple as ‘best new app’ in various countries and genres, but it was also recognised as “Best Mobile Game” by DevGamm Kyiv Awards that same year. After the success of the 2013 release, Thoopid sprung into action to provide yet another awesome, but even more epic installment of Snailboy.






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