Enter the Era of Arcania

Era of Arcania : Upcoming mobile MMORPG from 37Games


37Games will publish a romantic and magical mobile MMORPG Era of Arcania in the middle of October. In Era of Arcania, not only can players find the true love and get married, but also can team up with 500 players to fight for the glory.

A world beyond worlds, a land beyond lands, Era of Arcania is a unique mobile experience that will transcend the typical MMORPG to usher players into a new world of gaming through its unique settings and immersive multi-dimensional gameplay. EoA will launch in late October on both iOS & Android.

Published by 37Games, EoA will allow players to switch between the classical 2.5D viewpoint of mainstream ARPGs and immersive 3D of newer MMOs, thus combining the best of both worlds. Players can also participate in large scale Guild Wars with up to a thousand players fighting simultaneously. Brother will fight Brother in a battlefield that will span across lands and time.


era of arcania


The story follows a great war between the realms of humanity, the heavens, and hell. During the war an Archangel managed to absorb the powers of the devil himself and obtain ultimate power. He was defeated by a mighty hero though and peace was found at last amongst the realms.

However peace is always fleeting…

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era of arcania mmorpg


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