Dystopia Desolation – AR Horror


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Dystopia Desolation – AR Horror


Indulged in the idea of Pokemon Go for horror fans, if not then you can now!

The story is set around a dark realm called Dystopia, led by the Desomites and filled with terrifying monsters. The Dystopian legions have broken down the veil between their world and ours and it’s our job to capture them, level them up and battle them in the world around us!

Gameplay is similar to Pokemon Go and is like a horror version of Pokemon Go. Use the real world map to find monsters (werewolves, vampires, zombies, demons and more) all around you, capture them with orbs in the AR view, level them up with magic dust and battle to control portals in your towns.



The developer : “Since Pokemon Go launched it sparked ideas across the globe for a Horror Go game, a Harry Potter Go game etc… I’m a lifelong horror fan and there a millions of others out there like me and with the same idea of having a Horror Pokemon Go like game and I’ve created it!”




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