Downstream VR Whitewater Kayaking is so much fun ! (Sandy Shores)

DownStream is a high-speed whitewater kayak racing game made exclusively for VR.
What a fun VR kayaking game ! Paddling through those beautiful landscapes is so exhilarating !

If you already practised kayaking in real life (like me), you will find that the sensations in Downstream VR Whitewater Kayaking are pretty much the same as the real deal. So the moves are quite intuitive.
If you never tried kayaking before, so it’s the best way to start ! It looks easy, but it’s not that easy ! It needs a bit of practise, else you will easily end up being mistreated by the strong currents.

Be ready to sweat, as Downstream VR is really intense.
There is no multiplayer mode unfortunately, but at least, you are playing against your ghost and some other ghost players.

3 different environments are available for the races, the rocky mountains, the desert, and the arctic, for a total of 12 differents races. The kayaking drops are really impressive sometimes, and that makes Downstream VR so exciting.

You can choose between 2 game modes, one is “freestyle”, ideal to practise as you can have unlimited damages and power ups, and the other one is “time trial”, to compete and get into the leaderboard, but this time the damages are limited.