Daily Solitaire (Pine Entertainment)


saily solitaire by pine entertainmentiphone / ipad game review

Daily Solitaire


Daily Solitaire published by Pine Entertainment is “again” another unique combination of Solitaire & Poker from the makers of Politaire

Inside Daily Solitaire, is a very simple gameplay, choose which cards to discard and wait for new replacement cards, player will score if there is a winning hands (base on the winning hands of Poker).
The graphic and control is carefully polished, player will see the big cards, beautiful color and environment, everything is minimalist but still great.
The big story about Daily Solitaire is about the content, the game has more than 150 levels at the start (and more will come in the update), new variation on card elements and also winning condition on each new levels, more challenging will be added when you progress deeper inside the game. This way, players won’t be bored, each time playing Daily Solitaire will be a complexly new challenge on a new city with many secrets to be revealed.

A lot of effort have been made to change the look of player on Solitaire genre on mobile: small cards, bad touch control and uncomfortable playing condition… We have the big cards, clear and clean right at the middle of the screen, player only need to slide from left to right or right to left to select/deselect all and tap anywhere on the table(actually the screen) to claim the decision. Not just that, user can modify the way Daily Solitaire place the card deck, so this is the first time ever a game is featuring perfect control for everyone: LEFT HAND, RIGHT HAND, BIG HAND, SMALL HAND, ALL TYPE OF HAND…. :-).


daily solitaire ios



  • One-touch control with customizable UI for both left-handed and right-handed peoples. Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga is the only video poker game that allows player to play anywhere and anytime in it’s portrait design. You will find all designs of this game rock hard!
  • #1 Interface & UI Design for Mobile than any other Patience games. You will see no boring card designs, no boring visual like others Patience games anymore.
  • Every card is easy to read, and large enough, even on a smaller device, to deliberately tap. The same goes for the colors — they’re all bold and simple to comprehend, especially when it comes to delineating spades and clubs
  • Win the DAILY BOOSTERS in Cardlott. This feature allows you to boost your score, cheat to have winning video poker hands more easier and other powerful boosters.
  • Tons of levels with many missions are waiting for you to the journey of Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga. With many variations from rules of patience games, poker, video poker and puzzle elements. You will be surprising about the endless fun we have in this game.
  • Leaderboards to compete your friends and competitors!
  • Easy to sync DAILY SOLITAIRE across multiple devices!
  • Requires no Internet Connection to play! (But it will need the connection to backup your progress to cloud drive).







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