Broken Lines


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Broken Lines


Broken Lines is a challenging 2D puzzle game with unique gameplay.

Unscramble the tiles to reconnect the broken lines into closed rectangles. Each puzzle level is algorithmically generated on the fly – meaning you’ll never solve the same puzzle twice even if you play the same level again. Need a hint? You earn a peek at a possible solution for each level solved without peeking. Earned peeks can also be used to restart the level partially solved. If you’re stuck at a difficult level with no peeks remaining, you can go back to a prior level to earn more peeks or restart the level with a new puzzle. Finding the puzzles too easy? Adjust the difficulty by skipping levels. Every level has at least one solution and most will have many. The puzzles and solutions are infinite.

How to Play :
Tap – Select a tile to move. Tap again to move.
Long Press – Select connected tiles to move. Tap to move.
Tap the selected tile – Cancel move



Broken Lines is a very challenging 2D puzzle game.  The levels become increasingly difficult, but the player has the option to briefly peek at a solution if stumped.  New peeks are earned for each level completed without peeking.  It’s targeted at players who enjoy a challenging puzzle that can take some time to solve.





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