gumslinger pvp tournament ios

Gumslinger : Addictive PvP Duel Fight (Tournament Victory) – iphone gameplay

Welcome to Gumslinger. A gummy candy world of intense shootouts, amazing skillshots and crazy fun gunplay missions. Gumslinger is a unique combination of skill, competition, physics, mouthwatering gummy candy and great fun! Features : Duel Gumslingers around the world in PvPb tournaments, 64 players but only one winner. A wide variation of skillshot missions Amazing…

bark park iphone

Bark Park : Bark, Pee, Poop, Capture Territory (Funny multiplayer dog game – iphone gameplay)

Bark Park is a hilariously original and fiercely competitive action strategy game. Oh and it’s MULTIPLAYER! Players can battle it out against other canines over the internet or set up custom matches with friends. You know how dogs tinkle on trees to capture territory? Well, now you can do that too! You’re welcome. Drink from…