Apestorm: Full Bananas


apestorm: full bananasiphone / ipad game review

Apestorm: Full Bananas


Apestorm Full Bananas by Channel 4 is a side-scrolling zeppelin bombing game set in a steampunk world.
It is now available on iphone and ipad at a limited time discount price of 0.99.

Fugitive Apes have taken to the skies in search of revenge after humans have destroyed the planet. Command their stolen zeppelin and save nature from man…one bomb at a time!
Gain points by carefully dropping bombs on factories, warehouses, and other man-made objects. Adjust the zeppelin’s speed and altitude to alter range, missile trajectory and to ensure pinpoint precision.

Earn bananas for completing challenging in-game objectives to unlock new levels and collect earth-shattering, ship enhancing power-ups to turn your zeppelin into an unstoppable bombing machine!
Free fellow apes from captivity and target your enemies with the upmost exactitude for ultimate high scores; avoiding trees, birds and everything else considered important to Apekind.

apestorm full bananas
– Experience the thrill of destruction
– Enhance the zeppelin’s abilities with 9 earth-shattering power-ups
– Unlock and complete 20 levels
– Test your might against a variety of enemies and obstacles – both in the air and on land
– Enjoy a beautiful steampunk aesthetic
– Engage in unique and challenging level objectives


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